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The School

The need for education in Uganda can not be ignored. We need to build a population empowered with knowledge and sound judgment for the future of the pearl. The school which started with only 7 children is now close to 1,000. It is composed of Kitetikka Primary School, Kitetikka High School, and Kiti High School. The attempt to include Kateete High School failed as the distance involved is so big and available resources could not cover the costs.

We have over 50 children living in the dormitory. Each of them has a different reason for living with us. Some are relatives and others are children we have come by in all sorts of ways. We have girls and boys. A proper dormitory for girls will be completed before long. Then our plan is to start looking at the possibility of constructing one for boys. The staff is thirty two permanent workers and from time to time we have the help of part time teachers and other workers.

The age group is from four to twenty years. Remember age will not necessarily determine the level of education as school begins when you arrive as opposed to how old you are. The government has set standards for all education institutions like ours to follow so at the end of primary, secondary and advanced levels, all students in the country do the same examinations. Our school is registered as an examination center where students can sit for national examinations.

Children are fed at school as the funds allow. A light meal of porridge means a lot in the hot afternoon. Some times there is more feeding when we get a harvest from the school farm.

Children wear school uniforms, which the school does not promise to offer. They are to be bought by parents and guardians. The aim to have children wear the same, is for both smartness and security. The objectives may not be achieved sometimes due to lack of funds depending on the situation of different families. We are indeed very grateful to folk that have from time to time come to lend us a hand to achieve this.

Through Rock Ministries individuals and groups can help us to achieve our school objectives by:

  1. Sponsoring children which is a popular approach giving the child and sponsor a personal relationship. Ten pounds a month can adequately cover the tuition, day care, and stationery of a primary school child while twenty pounds a month can adequately cover the tuition, day care, and stationery of a secondary school child.
  2. Sponsoring projects like the construction of class rooms, dormitories, library, laboratory, purchase of furniture, stationary, water, improvement on sanitation, uniforms, electricity, medical facilities, games, play things, transport and land for extension.