Welcome to The Rock Ministries

Rock Ministries Uganda was founded in 1985 by Pastor Kasozi Peter Cephas, born in 1962 and became a Christian in 1977 after reading a torn trodden Gospel tract. He went to church in Kampala but soon after, church was banned by Idi Amin. All there was for church from then was underground prayers and fellowship times with elderly Christian people from whom he learnt the value of a personal relationship with God. Peter is now married to Rose and they have five children of their own.

After seven years under good pastoral care he went out to plant churches and his testimony goes ‘ I have planted more than ten churches and thanks be to God, without splitting any’. He laments that what is so often reported as church planting is simply church split some thing he calls ‘fishing from the boat’. He believes his call to be of an Apostle some thing he prays that God will lead him through. Peter is currently Pastor of Rock Ministries, Kitetikka. Peter is director of Kitetikka Primary school, Kitetikka High school and Kiti High school.

From living as an unwanted child himself, he knows the need of the needy. When his father died in 1991 the house where he lived for much of his child life was passed over to him. It was not hard for him to make the decision to use it as a place to meet the needs of children living under circumstances as he was brought up. Here he started a school with seven children and the present enrollment is about one thousand children.